• Slate Lamp
  • Type : Table Lamp
    Year : 2019

  • The Slate table lamp is a lamp that harnesses the concept of fluidity through and through. The use of simple geometry in its design language helps to give it its unique aesthetics.
     The design of the Slate lamp consists of a two-part system. It's base of which is the primary power source and its rotating top half, which is its light source. The use of simple, skewed geometry helped in achieving its fluid aesthetics, making sure to compose a freely flowing lamp. 
    The top slate of the lamp is designed to be able to rotate ensuring that it's not only a one-directional stationary table lamp, but its entire upper half can be rotated 360 degrees to achieve lighting at all desired place while remaining stationary. 

    The Slate lamp is a statement piece of design, one that is not a norm but one that's inviting to want to understand. 

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    Pasque D. Mawalla 
  • www.patocasa.com |  Instagram