WaterCure - Branding & Action Campaign

  • Insight:
    An action, a gesture, a battle that will be long time. For years environmentalists have been denouncing that the waters of the oceans are increasingly polluted, due to the presence of plastic, hydrocarbons, global warming. People like Greta Thunberg and all associations like WWF and others are fighting to ensure that governments understand that if we continue like this, there will be no chance for the Earth to survive.

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  • idea:
    What is Watercure?
    A non-profit association, as the name suggests, tries to "Cure the water". 
    A simple gesture, for each signature received through an e-petition, each person gets a numerated steel water bottle to avoid the use of plastics.
    The posters are designed in series highlighting a dramatic detail on water contamination.  
    In this case all the data have been taken online by bodies such as WWF and others.
    The idea of the wave that shatters, wants to represent a slap in the face of pollution as if to declare, I will be stronger than you, but in this case the sea can not defend itself, but the human being must do his part. From this comes the copy "one gesture" which is the basic idea that guides this project.

  • there is no app,
    no website, only stories
    and you:
    To keep everything as simple as possible, the membership is done through a simple email, to avoid a pollution given by the technology. The updates will be given to users through a simple newsletter and through events dedicated to the cleaning of the beaches and the sea, the idea is to involve the user as much as possible through concrete actions and not just the simple like social.

    We invite those who are really interested to move in all directions and look for dedicated events.

    You can find the logo on walls in the city, made by graphic artist, we invite you to photograph and share it in your IG stories with the hashtag #iwatecure and you will able to connect with the community.