Adult Swim / Unicants PSA

  • Adult Swim
    Unicants PSA

    Adult Swim, in collaboration with YessBoss Co., asked us to build this crazy neon world for a PSA comissioned by the Food & Drugs Administration in the US, where a pack of wild unicorns try to persuade teenagers to stay away from cigarettes, we did the project in traditional animation and a little touch of digital compositing to bring more drama to the scene.  Hope you like it!

    Client / Agency
    Adult Swim / King Boss

    Direction: MEMOMA Studio
    Copywrite/Concept: King Boss
    Art & Illustration: MEMOMA Studio
    Character Design: Salvador Padilla
    Backgrounds: MEMOMA Studio
    Rough Animation: Salvador Padilla
    Clean Animation: MEMOMA Estudio
    Color: MEMOMA Estudio
    Client: Adult Swim
    Audio: King