Graphite - Cold Brew Branding

  • Graphite
    Your Brand New Cold Brew.
    Roasted with passion only for real coffee lovers.
  • Graphite is a cold brew concentrate with high-quality natural ingredients that keeps the coffee in fresh flavor. 

    One package includes one bottle of Graphite, which can serve eight cups of fresh cold brew and can supply a weekly dose of caffeine. (It wasn't enough for this presentation)

  • In Graphite’s identity process, the first thing we desired to achieve was to get the sense of the coffee they were brewing. What we heard was enough: “it’ll be like our coffee — dark as hell.”

    Well, we haven’t experienced hell lately and hell has kind of negative connotation, doesn’t it? We attempted to find a name that would suit for this coffee’s darkness and we came up with ‘Graphite’ a.k.a 'black lead’.

  • To be able to appeal the coffee experts who love their coffees dark, we combined different shades of black with vaporwave retro-futuristic gradient.

  • Knocked on the old door. 

    A typeface never comes as a coincidence.

    We revisited one of the oldest typefaces out there called Belwe (1904). It’s sharp, bold and gives a good hint of a blackletter.

  • Graphite goes perfectly with cold water, milk or your favourite liquor.

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