• Last of My Kind
    Inspired by mythology I was looking for a way to create an ancient Slavic deity.
    Last of My Kind is a creature that exist between real and outer world, a character that holds secrets of life and has deep roots of death.
    Scroll down to see close ups and creating process.
    Close ups:
    Here is my original mockup. The original story behind this mockup is it was created for an album cover but it was refused by the client. But I found it very intriguing and could not let it go... That's how it started.
    I've used digital painting technique and been working with Brush Tool in Photoshop only. It's about 95% of digital painting with subtle imagery treatment used to paint trunk-head. Also, the canvas size is expanded to build up more world for this character with more atmosphere and by working with depth of field.
  • And it's done!
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