Ahmed Romel pres. RÜYA Album Art

  • Born, raised and living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Ahmed Romel has been inspired by a melting pot of culture from his home. A nation consisting of 122 plus nationalities has no shortage of places to look for creativity. Yet, there has always been one defining subject that has mentally stimulated Ahmed which is present in his music today, and that is, the concept of melody. From a young age he could be heard humming tunes and listening to everything in his grasp; and from his youth onward, Ahmed has been fascinated with music, not just as an avid listener, but as an analyst, reconstructing tracks and always thinking of how to modify and create music. He always longed to find his ideal genre of music, something intricate and focused in on melody and rhythm, without vocals, emotionally driven, and that would soon be trance music for him.

  • RÜYA means Vision and is the debut artist album by Ahmed Romel, featuring various styles and different collaborations with artists like Simon O'shine, Hazem Beltagui, Roxanne Emery, Jennifer Rene & More.

  • Art Direction & Graphic Design: Hani Jamal
    Photography: Ahmed Najeeb
    Promo VideoMartin Vierik

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