Sleepy Panda Book&Cafe

  • Sleepy Panda Book& Cafe is a perfect 24 hours place for book clubs to meet &for people to come together&enjoy,whether they’re looking for a quick coffee,lunch with friends or the chance to browse our books&treat themselves to something delicious.Panda is the perfect choice of animal that had an impact in black&white to save money on printing costs also the one loved by many people in the world for its appealing qualities.Pandas are symbol of good fortune,relaxed pace, no stress.By its physical presence,the panda reminds us we can be larger than life if we raise ourselves up to our inherent status.
    Sleepy Panda is a book-themed café that offers a relaxed ambience and casual dining on an extensive cosmopolitan menu that reflects modern life.Customers of Sleepy Panda experience value-for-time in modern comfort settings. A diversified range of reading materials is available- customers can browse through any of several hundred local and foreign books, magazines and newspapers available.The place is also open 24 hours.Since opening in September 2011, Sleepy Panda  has played host to a series of cocktail parties, club meetings, product launches and various private events. This event planning service cater to both personal and corporate entertainment needs.