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    LORAN, Acelerador de lectura

    This big publishing house wanted to create a tool for teachers to improve comprehension and promote reading among students in various levels of learning, the project was so ambitious since we had to create all the universe from scratch, elements which later were programmed by another team, we generated art and illustration for the printed materials and also we did the cinematics when the player starts unlocking stages and move forward in the game.
    The client chose one of the three proposed styles of  illustration  and from there we started a whole collection of islands, treasure chests, signs, flora & fauna you name it, not forgetting the principal characters, Captain Jobs and his two great great great grandchildren!

    Client / Agency
    SM Editorial

    Direction - MEMOMA Estudio
    Scripts - SM editorial
    Art & Design - MEMOMA Estudio
    Animation - MEMOMA Estudio
    Client: SM Editorial
    Post Audio - Audio Magno