Ganymede Animation for Queens University

  • Ganymede Operating System - An Animated Retrospective
  • I created a series of short animations for Queens University Computer Science Department around the theme of the long forgotten Ganymede Operating System.

    During its short lifespan the Ganymede series of OS made a great impact in its home territory of Velkstrade, overtaking Linux as the third most popular choice amongst the consumer base and making its charismatic creator Elyon Yeith a household name in the 1980s.
  • At one point Yeith's visage became so ubiquitous on magazine covers and on television that it was rumoured former Overseer Breslin, restricted how much media coverage could be given to Yeith and technology in general preferring that more ‘wholesome’ party-centric topics be addressed instead.

    Today, Ganymede OS is half remembered as the computational workhorse that remotely controlled the safety cordon at Leadenbach Checkpoint and was home to the first CGI software, BIbous3D, which helped make the graphics on legendary sci-fi TV show Deep Space Dremlin.  
  • Above: Screenshots from selected films
  • Presented here are snapshots from the Operating System throughout different periods of its lifespan, you can see snapshots of websites preserved in their near entirety from as far back as 1992 get a flavour of primitive video-gaming and graphics editing software.

    To echo the words of Elyon, which he inscribed deep within the code of the first release of GanyOS:

    “No Errors, Just Users”
  • Below: Further still images from the project
  • Above: A short video surmising a few of the animations
  • Thanks for checking out this project!