Logofolio IT&Development

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  • Leita it is an aggregator of engineering services

  • Click here to learn more about Wise&Trust project.

  • Media Machines Lab is an environment that provides tools for effective interaction between advertising Agency, client and developers.

  • Technological design for IT-resource with a memorable character and cool illustrations

  • Here you can find more details about DIO - Decentralized Instant Off-The-Reader

  • Sensef is a convenient software for analyzing the effectiveness of the product. Find out more about Sensef here


  • Amino is a decentralized network for sharing computing resources.

  • Indiesoft is an independent developer of computer games. Click here to see the whole project.

  • TALARIA—is segways rent service. 

  • Airome develops software solutions to protect the money of bank customers. Check out the whole project here.

  • Logo and corporate identity for the community of Java developers.

  • Check out the whole GetUp project here.

  • Check out the whole HeisenBug project here.

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