Energizer Weather Warrior

  • M O O D   B O A R D

  • F I N A L    S P O T

  • S T I L L S

  • B E H I N D    T H E    S C E N E S   /    P R O C E S S

  • A breakdown following the creation of one shot within the 15s spot, including camera tracking, lighting, and compositing.
  • These are all of the compositing passes used to create shot 003. Energizer Bunny / Base Footage / Base Matte / Wireframe / Playblast / Cryptomatte / Beauty / Emission / Z-Depth / Volume / Lantern Diffuse / Lantern Specular / Room Specular Indirect / Room Diffuse Direct / Room Specular Direct
  • This project utilizes Energizer's 'Animation Library' with prerendered animations by The Mill. This shows the comparison between the starting assets and my final composite.
  • Compositing is a huge portion of my workflow. This video compares the render straight out of Arnold/Cinema 4D and the finished shots created using After Effects.
  • Balancing two distinct lighting setups was key to create the look and feel of this project. This compares the lantern lighting and the ambient illumination of the room. These were rendered using Arnold's light groups feature which allowed me to tweak every aspect of each setup in composite.