Flacon district

  • Flacon design factory was among the first industrial areas of Moscow to undergo revitalization: the old glass factory was rebuilt as a creative cluster in 2009, since becoming a veritable temple of street culture. In 2018, the bread factory (Khlebozavod) next-door was revamped into a public space, including everything the contemporary city dweller or capricious hipster could dare dream of. A year after the Khlebozavod opened, it was decided to unite the two former industrial areas into one. We were invited along when the revitalization process demanded a distinct new brand of its own.

    Moscow is a post-industrial metropolis. Driving its economic development is no longer industry but ideas — the most precious fruit of human thinking. We proposed the concept where Flacon (Флакон) would swap its former “design factory” status for that of a city district — with a north (Khlebozavod) and a south side (Flacon). This reflects the morphology of the united territory, expressing its love of life and naming the key characters — people, each and every one.

    Festival banners and the flags of local neighborhoods paint an image of freedom, lightness and the diversity of communication. The symbol is a rhyme for the union of spaces: its open strokes conveying the dynamics of rotation. The logo is mixed antique character and light stencil in the spirit of street fashion. Flacon is a place of power, a center of attraction. A 24-hour festival and an endless market. A Moscow Williamsburg to the north of Savelovsky Station.

    #shukadesign                    2019
  • Warm colors in the south of Flacon. Cold colors in the north of Flacon.
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