Clandestino (Official Music Video)


    I had the pleasure to work on the new official music video of Manu Chao & Calypso Rose as art director and illustrator.

    More than 20 years have passed since the release of Clandestino, one of the most famous songs by Manu Chao.
    To celebrate this birthday, Manu Chao is back with Calypso Rose for a new version of this emblematic tune.
    The issue of clandestinity discussed 20 years ago has obviously become all the more dramatic these last years…


    Director: Régis Raffin
    Artistic director - illustrator: Vincent Roché
    Lead animator: Maïté Xia
    Compositing: Vincent Dehaumont, Nicolas Pomet, Matthieu Tourdes
    Producers: Ludovic Benoit, Etienne Gerbal, Julien Laur
    Production director: Clémence Bertholon
    Label: Because Music, AD image: Samy La Famille


    Written by Manu Chao
    Published by Radio Bemba Produced by Manu Chao and Ivan Duran
    Mixed by Renaud Letang

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