With the support and assistance of the DSE, the "Classic Brand Support Project" organized by the Macau Chain Stores and Franchise Association aims to discover and evaluate the "Brand" with Macao characteristics (ie, the establishment of a trade name or trademark in the Macao SAR for 40 years). Or above, give them appropriate protection and support. Help “Classic Brand”has developed into a brand of modern significance.

    The old manufacturing industry in Macau was very prosperous. There were a large number of commercial advertisements, which were hand-painted and became the representative of design and art at that time. Their style was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The main feature is typographic symmetry. Commonly used Chinese female figure, advertising girl and other characters are the main characters and show the vision of good life. Therefore, the layout concept of this design is also based on the popular propaganda design style, but it is interpreted by modern design techniques. With the trend of contemporary retro, the three generations of the old, the young and the young can also resonate with each other. The funny and humorous illustration characters are like a movie, which induces the audience to carry the past and cherish the business with great historical shop.


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