OOMA New Wave Sushi

  • Twisted firestarter 

    Ooma is the unstoppable titan of new wave sushi. We collaborated with the brand to develop this animated 30s spot for their torched maki & sushi bowls, featuring a new monster we created for them, Yugo the Kaiju, and our ultra shining samurai born of fiiiire!
  • Thanks to Miguel, Lucas, Ryan, AC and the awesome team over at Ooma. 

    Here are some behind-the-scene assets that we have developed over the course of the project.

  • We were consciously drawing on Mike Mignola for inspiration on the art style. It's has simple, clear shapes that communicates quite quickly.
  • Client: Ooma / Moment Group
    Accounts: AC Suico
    Creative: Lucas Wylengco, Ryan Kabigting
    Directed by: The Acid House
    Designers & animators: Ivan Despi, Gerone Perez, Jo Gregorio
    Music & sound design: Diego Mapa