• Ever since the first time hearing Kurt Cobain on my sister's casette player in the early 1990’s I knew that Grunge would forever be a part of my life. This era also marked a very important time in my life. It was the time when I started to discover the alternative art and music scenes. It was the catalist that egnited my creative drive. Finally I knew who I was and who I will become.

    20 odd years later I’m still listening to all of my grunge heroes, but now with sadness in my heart. Sad because so many of my heroes have passed. Sad because I long back to simpler times, but still I’m thankful for these prophets that shaped so many lives, who told angry teenagers that its okay to be different. 

    So I thought I'd do a bit of a tribute to my heroes from the 90's and create portraits in the style of Renaissance paintings. Not a new concept or technique by any means, but it felt right for the cause. These were done using photoshop. This was purely for the love of their music and not for any commercial purose.

    Long live Grunge!
  • Kurt Cobain
    "I'm not like them, but I can pretend"
  • Scott Weiland
    “I’m not dead, and I’m not for sale.”
  • Lane Staley
    “We chase misprinted lies. We face the path of time. And yet I fight, and yet I fight this battle all alone"
  • Chris Cornell
    “Arms held out in your Jesus Christ pose.
    Thorns and shroud like it's the coming of the Lord"
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