Paros Windsurf Center

  • The Briefing: The Iconic windsurf club in Paros / GR - New Golden Beach, have trusted us to reinvent their visual identity by creating a new logotype and an amount of design assets that will follow the beach lifestyle.

    The Design: Spending a big part of the teen and youth years as a windsurf & surf athlete, our lead designer has a unique opportunity to bring back memories with a creative & nostalgic way. A symbol inspired from the way the boards are stacked up on top of the car, creating waves silhouette from the fins. Framed into a "photo" border trying to capture an image through time - binding the past of the club with the future. Various other assets created based on the surf culture in order to be used on T-Shirts, stickers, flags. etc.. Strong pop 80's and 90's colours have been used in order to bring an "old" fresh character to the identity.