Papikonda National Park is one of the main tourist destinations of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The park is the best place to observe nature in her pious form.Total area of the National Park is about 1012.86 km2. 
    It was declared as a National park in the year 2008. The mythological significance attached to the Park is that it was the kingdom of the apes, during the epic time of holy Ramayana. The floral variety of the Park is mainly Eastern Ghats vegetation. The park gives the wildlife to regenerate and develop. Papikonda Wildlife Sanctuary is not only the homeland of the animals but a wide variety of plants and shrubs grow and that make the vegetation of the place rich and vibrant. The birds found in the region are both resident  and migratory​​​​​​​.

    The Kolleru Bird Sanctuary is rich in a diverse variety of flora and fauna and is a natural home for a number of birds. A large number of migratory birds flock to this region during the winter season.
    The Kolleru Lake Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh is a haven for these birds looking for a proper shelter. The Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary is located just 65 kilometers away from Vijaywada. Nature lovers find an apt place for themselves at Kolleru Wildlife Sanctuary. Migratory Birds from Australia, Siberia, Egypt and Philippines assemble near the Kolleru Lake in search of a suitable place for their survival. These birds include some of the exclusive varieties like the Open Billed Stork, Shovellers, Painted Stork, Pintails, Glossy Ibises, Teals and Red Chested Podchards. Numerous other varieties of birds are found in the Kolleru Lake Bird Sanctuary.