• Amanitamer is a venerable old shroombot with a reputation for wisdom and practicality.
  • Shroombot Boletus Oppenheimer is a quite unique character, a combination of kindness, power, scientific enthusiasm and technological optimism. His task is to defend his fungi planet using his sharp mind, super armour, natural clairvoyance and other parapsychological oddities and advanced cyber tools.
  • The shroombot number 4 is a mechanical mutant, cybercreature, the intermingling of mushrooms and machine, biology and advanced technology. The mushroom mycelium is interwoven into its electronic nerves to give rise to a new level of bio-mechanical consciousness.
  • Shroombot Johnny is running away from a corrupt megacorporation to find stolen magical artifacts of a primeval fungi civilization.
  • Would you fly to cyberspace with me?
  • Mushrooms and robots are two quite interesting symbols. Mushrooms represent nature itself. They are alive and vibrant, interconnected with all ecosystems and operate like a biomolecular supercomputer. Robot is a human-made technology, it is a nonbiological phenomena, augmented nature, mechanical baby of unrestrained technological progress. .
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