Same thing Something

  • Same thing Something
  • This project is composed of 6 visuals.
    We photographed a same object from several angles.
    This object was chosen for its particularly shape and its sense of usefulness.
    It’s a sort of ephemeral « crutch ».

    Each angle motivated a specific composition with a specific mood in order to reveal a sculptural dimension.
    On each form is plated a matter obtained from photographs or paintings (gouache and acrylic paint).
    The appearance of the matters recall stones, pearls, moss or furs in order to create a tactile qualities and a particular « presence ».
    The steps of creating and this process provide of enigmatic sculptures and kind of false 3D forms.
    - Painting and photographs : My Name is Wendy
    - Design : My Name is Wendy
    - Pictures indoor : My Name is Wendy
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