Ray-Ban Rare Print 2010

  • Ray-Ban Rare Print 2010
    2010 adv. poster for Ray-ban Rare print campaign 
  • This is 1 of 8 posters for the new "Rare Print" Ray-Ban campaign.
    the product is a special limited ediction of Ray-Ban Glass, whit various pattern printed all around.

    Ad Agency: Cutwater
    Executive Creative Director: Chuck McBride
    Creative Director: Travis Britton
    Art Director: Marcus Cross
    Art Producer: Justine Barnes
    Print Producer: Miriam Lee
    Illustrator: David Sossella

  • Ray-Ban Glasses
  • Final version full-size poster
  • particular 01
  • particular 02
  • particular 03
  • particular of the vector's structure
  • The first 3 rough proposals
  • proposal 01
  • proposal 02 (selected by client)
  • proposal 03
  • alternate version
    this is another version of selected illustration, not rated by the client

    - this version have a different color range and a different treatment of the surfaces, more "xylographic like"
  • alternate version (not finished) full  page
  • particular 01
  • particular 02