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  • The king who turned everything he touched into gold

  • There was once a very good king whose name was Midas. Only that he had a defect: that he wanted to have all the gold in the world for him. One day the king midas did a favor to a god.
    The god told him:
    -What you ask will I grant you.
    -I want everything that I touch to turn into gold - said Midas.
    -What I want more so much, Midas! That can bring you problems. Think about it, Midas, think about it.
    -That's all I want.
    "So be it, then," said the god.
    And the dresses that Midas wore, a branch he touched, became the doors of his house. Even the dog that came out to greet him became a golden statue.
    And Midas began to worry. The most serious thing was that when he wanted to eat, all the food became gold.
    Then Midas could not take it anymore. He ran away scared in search of god.
    "I told you, Midas," said the god, "I told you, but now I can not free you from the gift I gave you. Go to the river and get in the water. If you are not free when you leave the river, you will have no remedy."
    Midas ran to the river and sank in its waters.
    That was a good time. Then he came out quite scared. The branches of the tree that he played on purpose, remained green and fresh. Midas was free!
    Since then the king lived in a hut that he built in the forest. And there he died peacefully as the most humble peasant.
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