ZZZ Factory - Extra Powers

  • Breaking news — Extra Power!

    ZZZ Factory invited me to be part of their new campaign project "Extra Power" in collaboration with Favo Studio

    Their philosophy is Life starts after sleep and that when it comes to the best bedding to give you great sleep, foam is the answer!

  • Do you know what's happening?

    ZZZ Factory bedding products give extra power and extra energy to the ordinary everyday activities. It's happening worldwide to everyone who has them!


  • People displaying supernatural abilities!

  • Turning poets into acrobats! 

  • This is bizarre! 

  • We have been conducting extensive research on this phenomena. 

  • We figured that they had all recently bought new mattresses from this ZZZ Factory.

  • It's responsible for triggering the inner potencial within these people. 

  • Because after all life starts after sleep! 

    Watch the video below. 

  • Making off

  • Credits
    Client ZZZ Factory 
    Production / Art Direction / Video Favo Studio 
    Photography Álvaro Martino