Smirnoff ICE — Can Drop

  • 72andSunny New York challenged us to create the launch video and additional assets promoting the refreshing summer edition of Smirnoff Ice Cans in a kind of, let’s say, humoristic manner. 

    Those of you, who were born in 80’s, certainly remember when Smirnoff began selling RTDs (ready-to-drink) and kind of revolutionized the alcoholic beverage market, don’t you? We do and that’s why we were happy to help them write up the story.

    Following tech giants’ example and their inclination toward sometimes a bit exaggerated product launch videos, Smirnoff decided to bring it to another level. Does it matter, that, in fact, we are talking about... cans? Not at all!

    We were responsible for creating the launch video, the teaser and CGs for the digital and OOH campaign. All the materials premiered on the US market. It’s a big deal.

  • Client: Diageo,  Smirnoff
    Brand Director Smirnoff FMB: Krista Kiisk
    Senior Brand Manager Smirnoff FMB: Iven Breneger
    Associate Brand Manager FMB: Gustavo Salguero

    Agency: 72andSunny, NY
    Creative Director: Devon Hong
    Designer: Bessie Chang
    Writer:  Ivan Whitted
    Group Brand Director: Mimi St Gelais
    Brand Director: Caroline Grayson
    Brand Coordinator: Monika Montero
    Head of Production: Lora Schulson
    Producer:  Katie Schad
    Director of Partnerships and Legal:  Quentin Perry

    Production: Ars Thanea
    Executive Creative Director: Peter Jaworowski                            
    Head of Production: Marta Król               
    Director: Bartłomiej Kalinowski
    Art Director: Maciej Mizer
    Production Manager: Dawid Berczyński
    Studio Supervisor: Mikołaj Valencia       
    3D Lead Artist: Bartłomiej Kalinowski
    Concept Artists: Michał Urbański, Bartłomiej Kalinowski              
    Modeling & Textures: Bartłomiej Kalinowski, Bartłomiej Dąbkowski, Paweł Filip, Mateusz Bargiel
    Shading/Lighting: Bartłomiej Kalinowski, Bartłomiej Dąbkowski, Paweł Filip
    Animation: Bartłomiej Kalinowski, Bartłomiej Dąbkowski
    Motion Design: Piotr Maciocha
    Compositing: Mateusz Bargiel, Justyna Podżorny, Katarzyna Strzelczyk, Łukasz Stolarski
    Digital Artists: Piotr Frączkowski, Tomasz Chrabołowski
    Music /Sound Design: Antfood

    Video Shoot Crew:
    Director: Barłomiej Kalinowski
    On-set Supervisor: Mikołaj Valencia
    Producer: Marta Król
    Production Manager: Dawid Berczyński
    Studio: Bites Studio
    DOP: Jakub Burakiewicz
    Editor: Wojciech Włodarski
    Color grading: Dominik Deras
    Grading Facility: Miło