Parachute® Elections 2019

  • Parachute® Elections 2019​​​​​​
  • ​​​​​​​A few weeks before the 2019 European Parliament election, Parachute® Typefoundry and Typeroom inaugurated Greece's first-ever "National Typographic Elections" on Sunday, May 12, 2019.

    The purpose of this interactive educational event was to familiarize students and professionals of visual communication alike with the use of typefaces for political branding. 

    In this election the voters aka the Athenian graphic design community opted to choose their own favourite font system among ten candidates. 

    The type families and their perspective weights were "transformed" into ten typographic ballots. 

    Ten (10) different paper ballots and envelopes were created for the event following the exact sizes and proportions of the statutory requirements of the parliamentary election voting materials in Greece.

    On that day the venue aka Typeroom was to resemble a real polling station with the addition of desks, windows and ballot boxes.

    The signage of Typelections 2019, both internally and externally, was informative of the electoral process to the voters.

    The purpose of the overall visual branding of the action was to refer to a real electoral contest in Greece.

    The poster of the action was accompanied by heavy-typographic flyers with campaign taglines to match the state of politics as we know it.

    A collectable booklet, made up of ten typographical ballots and the accompanying slogans of each Parachute® Typefoundry type system, was also designed as a complimentary gift to all voters.

    The cover of the oversized limited-edition booklet (3500mm x 180mm) of Greece's inaugural "Typelections" is designed to reference Greece's vintage official government folders circa 1960s.

    Parachute® Typefoundry sought to convey to both students and professionals or lovers of visual communication alike type-related knowledge and the importance of the font of choice to our lives and actions. 

    During "Typelections 2019" a series of small lectures highlighted the link between political branding and typography worldwide. 

    Eventually, on Sunday the 12th of May Greece's typographical revolution was launched -one type system at a time.


    Ioannis Fetanis 



    Tassos Kaimenakis
    Aphroditi Houlaki
    Math Studio

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