Ga Trong Dong Ho

  • Ga Trong Dong Ho
  • An avant-garde of Vietnamese Dong Ho painting renewed 
    with paper cutting art

  • To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Bratus reconstructed Dong Ho famous painting – Rooster Eastern Lake with the art of paper cutting. We revise the process of sketching, design, cutting, layering and finishing with high attention to details. All main elements such as rooster tail, feathers, wings, and flowers are delicately crafted to create the shadow and layering 3D effect and visual depth for the art piece. The colors are well-picked to build the harmonious and outstanding palette. This is our aim to bring a new breath of modernity and resurrect the traditional Vietnamese paintings.

    Vietnamese “dó” paper is used for the background to remind of the traditional Dong Ho arts. On this special canvas, we apply the detailed craftsmanship of paper cut to finish this amazing work.

  • Design Agency: Bratus
    Paper Artist: Ton bui,  Trang Pham