Neven Subotic Foundation – Annual Report

  • This is the first annual report of the Neven Subotic Foundation. Indeed, this report is not only the documentation of figures, data and facts from one year, but the summary of five years of foundation work. KoeperHerfurth designed the report and developed a print product that is as representative as it is ecological and economical.

    By dividing the content into three parts, the main part of the report can be used for several years. The book is a complete documentation of the ideas, philosophy, projects and people that make up the Neven Subotic Foundation. It functions as a comprehensive (152 pages) image brochure without reference to a single fiscal year.

    Last year's facts and figures are included as a supplement to the book. Information about donations and investments is clearly presented in a small booklet, which can be produced cheaply even in small editions.  Personal travel reports of the annual donor trip are also supplemented.  The two booklets can be renewed annually without great effort and thus keep the entire report always up to date. The foundation's work is continuously documented.

  • Corporate Design of Neven Subotic Stiftung: Freunde von uns,
    Reproduction of the report: Roland Baege