Coppi Cycling Club

  •  W H A T  I S ? 

    COPPI is cycling clinic that unites cycling enthusiasts on route. It has been identified by having a recognized coach in the world of national and international cycling, Main objective is to create one of the most important cycling clinics in Mexico and all around the globe. COPPI is a clinic specialized in cyclist care with a training service and group shooting with the best care for the athlete.

    O B J E C T I V E

    Develop a responsive website in which user will have a whole experience about cycling and touring, a big community of enthusiasts. Clean and sharp design and navigation with solid color palette. The communication. 
    It must have an attractive and serious design that reflects the intention of the brand, in this case leadership and competitiveness.

  • T H A N K S   F O R    W A T C H  


    Art Direction: Anibal Pharrell
    Project comission: Mano Negra Studio
    Client: Coppi Cycling Club
    Photos and credits: Unsplash Users


    *The photos The photos used in this project are not owned by Mano Negra Studio, 
    belong to their respective authors and are only used as a reference.