Besana - Caprese Packaging design

  • Besana Group is today one of the most important European company in terms of production, processing and commercialisation of nuts and dried fruit.

    Besana has various production and commercial plants in Italy and abroad. Thanks to their strong relationship with the major multiples and primary food industries, the Group achieves a turnover of about 170 millions of Euro; 80% of the production is exported.

    Through cooperatives and producer associations Besana coordinates the production of over 2,000 growers and therefore completes the fruit and vegetable chain "from the field to the fork".

    Besana produces more than 20,000 tons of nuts and dried fruit every year with a total of 400 highly skilled employees and workers in Italy and further 300 abroad.
  • They needed a new project for the packaging of the Torta Caprese, a delicious cake from Naples.
    Unfortunatly, I could not realize a different box, I had to use to the previous box, but from the point of view of the graphics, I was free.
  • some sketches and models