ABB - Write the future together

  • "Lets write the future together" - Serviceplan Zürich and their client ABB commissioned us to create these images and videos for the starting cooperation as the new main sponsor for the  2019 ABB FIA Formula E Championship. As some parts of these images were  not available in real world it turned out to be a project with photography, film and CGI involved. The indoor images were photographed on location, the outdoor images on the tracks  were created in full CG. The video was filmed on set in the UK. 

    Art Director: Hanning Beland.  Photographer: Christian Schmidt
    DOP: Julian Holzwarth.  CGI & Post: The Scope
    Photo/Film Production UK: Caspar & Co   Overall Production: Claudia Bitzer
    Directing of film and CG: Christian Schmidt​​​​​​​