A tale of destruction and regrowth

  • This series was shot in Lanzarote, Spain and traces the aftermath of a volcanic eruption, investigating the island’s long- term transformation. The eruptions started in the island in the 18th century and lasted six years.
    During that time, fiery lava flowed from the depths of the earth, destroying farmers’ fertile land and turning towns into ashes.

    This event changed the size and shape of the island permanently, creating over one hundred volcanoes as well as a lunar environment made of craters and canyons. I was intrigued by this natural phenomenon that appears to be frozen in time and yet ever-evolving. 

    With these images I emphasize both the scale of this catastrophe and the delicate regrowth that ensued. 
    A balancing act where wind, water and time slowly transformed a deathly environment into a place where life can thrive again.