First Class Travel | PKP Express InterCity

  • Credits:
    Ad Agency: Mather, Poland
    Client: PKP Express InterCity
    Art Direction: Tomek Wlodarczyk
    Creative Direction: Pawel Merecz
    Retouching: Ricardo Lion and George Rutherford
    Post Production: Ricardo Lion
    Photography: Łukasz Murgrabia
    3D Illustration (building columns and window frames): Ricardo Bjerke
  • After — Final image.
  • Step by step:
  • Base 3D render.
  • Manipulation of 3D render to compose scene. Perpective was corrected in order to make a seamless pattern and floor was retouched to eliminate unwanted shadows.
  • Before —
  • Original skyline picture.
  • Retouching skyline picture to create a gradient background.
  • Composing foreground (floor, window frames and columns) and background (skyline).
  • Original woman shot.
  • Original man shot.
  • Original furniture shot.
  • Placing models on the scene and illustrating clouds.
  • Manipulating skyline to change building positions. Illustrating new shadows and reflexes on the floor.
  • Composing colors and shading of environment and models.
  • Placing reflections on windows.
  • Zoom.
  • Zoom.
  • Final result.