Mechanisms and Mushrooms

  • Do you drink coffee in the morning? I do. Coffee is a psychoactive substance, which is modifying our personality for a short period of time and I like it a lot. This alien android can proof that.
  • These are the sacred elements, the substance of all things and processes. Wise mushroom shaman depicted in the centre is connected through these elements to all life, to the powers and forces that control the world. Or something like that.Β 
  • Poisonous πŸ„ mushrooms. Amanita Ocreata. Conocybe Filaris. Amanita Phalloides.
  • Little Mushroomman πŸ„ is πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ floating inside the mechanical jellyfish machine.
    Impertubable, calm and tranquil, he just realised naturally occurring timeless awareness - supreme state of spontaneous presence.

  • This hairyeared mouse-scientist is able to reconstitute multicellular organisms physically, genetically, and neurologically, but he is still unsure what was first - chicken or egg.
  • Whitebearded guy in alien helmet saying tibetan mantras
  • Gentleman Mushroom Monster
  • Captain J.J. Screwnut, Mr. Hootahman and Woowoo Triangle are from terrestrial-mass planet orbiting the pulsar PSR B1257+12. You can also find them at Discover Children Centre in London Stratford.
  • Mushroom Wizards teach about the interconnectedness of life and they are ultimately immortal. They manifest as separate individuals with their own characteristics and specialities, but, in fact what they all are really - is Mushroom Mycelium, a complicated network of constantly branching cell chains, natural neurological superbrain of the planet.
    Β It decomposes and recycles dead plant material. It deals with death, but create conditions for the emergence of life.

    Mushroom Wizards say that peace can be found even in our crazy world and all problems can be eradicated before they appear, that all manifestations, good or bad, are no more than a display of sacred elemental energies in space and that right now the absolute nature of mind can be realised.