The Messy Middle - Book Cover & Identity Design

  • Essential insights for enduring the lows and optimizing the highs on the journey from start to finish. 

    Whether you’re in the throes of a big project, starting a company, or leading a turnaround, it’s easy to feel lost, anxious, and alone. Don’t fret, you’re simply in the Messy Middle, the crazy ups and downs that are an inevitable part of anything worth doing. Outfitted with the right tools and insights, you can mine the volatility of the Messy Middle to build great products, teams, and leaders.​​​​​​​

  • A peak into 'The Messy Middle' of the cover design
    Alternate initial concepts and snapshots of the messy process

  • Cover Design & Creative Direction
    Raewyn Brandon, Scott Belsky 

    Internal Design & Creative Direction
    Penguin Editorial & Design Team, Scott Belsky​​​​​​​