Laulu ja Tantsu Pidu - Minu Arm (2019)

  • Laulu ja Tantsu Pidu Minu Arm
    Im happy to announce my directorial debut  for 2019's Estonian Song and Dance Festival. This event that occurs every five years since 1869, is a much loved national social occasion and moves tens of thousands of the nations population with every instalment. This year, and in celebration of its 150th aniversary, we have created a short promo film that, we hope, encapsulates the feeling of the festival.
  • Laulu ja Tantsu Pidu Minu Arm

    DOP - Indrek Kasesalu
    Camera - Indrek Kasesalu
    Producer : Liisi Toots
    Direction: Vitor Aguiar
    Creative Direction : Martin Rästa
    Concept: Vitor Aguiar & Martin Rästa
    Grading, Edit and VFX : Vitor Aguiar
    Motion Graphics : Kaiko Lipsmäe
    Additional stock footage : Brand Estonia, Andri Peetso

    special thanks to:
    Eesti Laulu- ja Tantsupeo SA
    Brand Estonia
    Baas Design
    Caviar Films