Blend Station II

  • After the success of the first coffee shop we created in the Condesa neighborhood, two years later we welcome the second Blend Station in the heart of La Roma in Mexico City.

    For this new iteration, we decided to follow the same brand aesthetic we created for the first Blend Station. Collaborating once again with the talented Solvar team who developed and executed both the interiors and furnishing design.
    Our goal was to create another comfortable and cozy environment, full of new characters and illustrations which were applied to the packaging and interiors.
    Blend Station, wake up and smell the coffee.

    Architecture: Solvar
    Collaborators: Mobius
    Customs mugs: Ximena Caneda, Evelyn Alarcón

    Art Direction: Futura
    Custom mugs: Ximena Canedo & Evelyn Alarcón
    Photography: Salvador Alejandro, Grace Hoyle, Rodrigo Chapa

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