Heimatdesign No. 17 – Fashion Edition

  • Heimatdesign no. 17 takes you on a journey to visit fashion designers from North Rhine-Westphalia. The Heimatdesign Fashion Edition gives a brief insight into the amazing opportunities offered by local fashion schools and presents different approaches of crafting shoes as well as the commitment of making the North Rhine-Westphalian fashion scene visible through exciting formats. In statements, short essays and interviews you learn what spurs the designers, where they get their inspiration or go to relax.

  • At KoeperHerfurth we developed the content structure of the magazine as well as the design and layout.

    The magazine cover was printed with four pictures of different designers. It reflects the breadth and quality of the local fashion scene. The colour gradient on the back may remind you of Italy — haha, this is about fashion! — but quotes the state colors of North Rhine-Westphalia. Heimatdesign no. 17 is divided into an image and a
    text section. In the “Lookbook“, fashion by different designers and labels is freely combined with each other. An entertaining insight into North Rhine-Westphalia's fashion scene.
  • The printed issue of Heimatdesign is available free of charge and is distributed in different cities throughout Europe.

    The magazine is also available online: fashion.heimatdesign.nrw

    Editing: Heimatdesign
    Headline typeface: Kraft by Jacob J. Wise
    Reproduction of the magazine: Roland Baege
    Copyrights: with the respective designers, photographers an authors