• This project represents one of the designs of Children's furniture made of paper tubes, which goal was to create several pieces of playfull furniture for kids, using special abilities of material.
    Why furniture for kids made of paper tubes?
    Character of this material is very competent for this kind of use, its quite light weight, cheap, ecological, recyclable, and its surface has also great potencial (it can be painted by kids themselves). 
    Those tubes are available in sizes up to 6500 mm in length, 626 mm in diameter and 20 mm in the thickness of the material. Carrying capacity and other properties such as resistance of tubes are defined by the type of used paper and its surface finish treatment.

  • Furniture is originally white and kids are supposed to paint it as they like.
  • Furniture without painting
  • Completion of furniture is very easy, through the use of screws and rivets.
  • All components of the toy