BOLD CUP paper cups


    There is a growing trend in paper cups of adaptive design in the world, however the majority of such available products are of low design value. The most innovative manufacturer of cardboard packaging in the Baltics, MTL Carton, better known to buyers of the paper cups as BoldCup, has decided to introduce a series of paper cups that would fit the global market and stand out because of the adaptive design quality.

    The design has to be created for 8oz and 12oz cups, however the solution must adapt easily to other sizes too. There also has to be enough space for personalisation, for instance, a logo or text. 


    We’ve split the series of 18 designs into themes. An eco-friendly cup communicates that it’s created out of materials that biodegradable sooner. A conventional one is simple and therefore preferred by most users. A few minimalistic and modern cups are dedicated to Gen Y and Z.  

    Admirers of classical and Provence ornaments will enjoy an elegant cup, while the kids’ container will suit such occasions as birthdays or christenings. A romantic one, yet very contemporary too, is reserved for Valentine’s Day or weddings. There is also a conservative, a playful, and a reliable cup in the series. 

    We’ve created a few cups with their own missions – one reminds people how important it is to hydrate. The other touches on the social matters. The phenomenon of suspended coffee is gaining attention globally: anyone buying coffee can pay for another cup and leave it for someone who needs it, someone who might not be able to purchase coffee themselves.


  • Head of marketing: Aušra Vengrytė

    Agency: étiquette
    Art direction: Edvardas Kavarskas
    Prepress design: Žymantas Abromaitis
    Account management: Rita Dargytė

    Printing manufacturing: MTL Carton
    Product photo shoot: Martyna Paukštė
    © étiquette, 2018, Vilnius