The Planner - The TARDIS and Diversity

  • Though it's been nigh on impossible to take on commissions this year, I have managed to continue producing a monthly illustration for The Planner magazine. I agreed to this job before Flynn's diagnosis and it's been an enjoyable project to date, even if roughs have occasionally had to be drawn next to hospital beds! A massive thank you to art director Craig Bowyer for his understanding during this time.

    This illustration accompanies an article by Louise Brooke-Smith about progress within workplace diversity, which mentions the fact that the new Doctor Who is female. The artwork features Brooke-Smith standing beside the TARDIS. I also thought I'd share the rough, drawn in Procreate on the iPad Pro. 

    I may not be posting much in the way of illustration for a little while after this week - all being well, we are due to fly out to Florida on Friday for Flynn's Proton Beam Therapy. I am now unable to take on commissions for the next couple of months but hope to work on new projects once treatment has finished this summer. Wish us luck! 

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