• EGR

    AREA  65 SQ.M.
  • EGR is a compact apartment of 65 m² that has been designed for a young couple whose main desire was to get the most light and minimalistic space possible.

    That is why, we transformed the initial fractional layout with many separate rooms and corridors into a common space, with only the bedroom area separated. As zoning elements, curtains of intense cobalt colour were used, which are the unifying motive of the entire apartment.

    For almost the entire apartment covering, wide oak engineered planks were chosen. It was only in the kitchen and bathroom areas where we decided to give up on standard tiles in favour of breccia — fragments of broken marble with polymer grout-filled joints.​​​​​​​
  • The kitchen area is accomplished in the oak veneer to feel cosier and get extra soft-touch feelings. Black ceramic backdrop with pinkish seams serves as a subframe to the wooden facades. The customized dining table is lit by a Flowerpot lamp designed by Verner Panton in 1968.
  • The living room is an area for communication — at the request of the clients, neither television nor projector was provided. Powdery sofa contrasts profitably against the electric blue curtains. Plus, the graphic work of the artist Yulia Popova comes up visually as the centre of the living room. As an essential lighting element, the iconic Flos 265 was used here.
  • The specific request of the apartment owner was the workplace arrangement where he would be able to do his favourite thing — composing electronic music. To do this, we have designed a table that can fit all the necessary equipment. Above the table, we have placed a photograph of the cult Berlin techno-club “Berghain” by Michael Belhadi.
  • A small make-up area and a spacious wardrobe are designed in the bedroom, which is separated from the main zone with the curtains.

    The main colour range of the apartment is restrained, almost monochrome. Such a decision is motivated by the ambition to balance the vigorous coloured accents and make the space brighter and airier while maintaining some rigour. For this reason, the concrete slabs of the ceiling were painted white without loss of its texture.
  • To increase the space, it was agreed to combine a bathroom, initially divided in two premises, into one. For this purpose, a floor-to-ceiling mirror was also installed next to the sink, which visually expands the space even more. All storage areas are hidden in veneered built-in closets.
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