La Bisbe

  • La Bisbe

    The renowned La Panxa del Bisbe restaurant in the neighborhood of Gracia in Barcelona entrusts Toormix with the ideation of its new beer. A Pale Ale beer with a bitter and fruity touch that, according to the chef Xavi Codina, is intended to combine very well with the style of cooking of the restaurant.

    Toormix´s first move is ​​to align the positioning of the beer with the restaurant itself. The objective is not to create a second brand that provides a complex architecture but to take advantage of the knowledge and reputation of the restaurant to negate it in this case, in a specific product such as beer.

    Playing with the idea of ​​gender and given that we are working with a beer (feminine noun), the solution is to create a name composed of the name of the restaurant ("Bisbe"), -which means bishop-, and the feminine article: La Bisbe.  In this way the article and the noun play opposing roles to create an interesting, fun and
    even sensual name.

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