Washup! — Self-service laundry

  • Washup!
    Self-service laundry

    Washup! is a self-service laundry located in Elche (Spain). In this type of establishments you can wash and dry your clothes without the help of any professional. That is why we wanted to create a close and amusing image to connect with the public.

    We were looking for a fluid and friendly appearance for the logo, so we decided to use a rounded typeface where the "w" and the "a" have been modified to provide more personality. An abbreviated version was also made and used as a monogram. Then we developed a system of more than 60 icons built on a 40x40 grid which are present in most of the pieces of the project. Finally, we made a series of illustrations to decorate the place where you can see all kinds of characters interacting with laundry related elements.