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  • Ganduer
    Ganduer - 2016
  • As several archaeological discoveries testify, the existence of the first fragrances dates back to the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians. The perfume was at the time considered the link between man and divinity and was therefore at the centre of daily personal care practices.

    Ganduer is born as a project of exploration and olfactory research, aiming to investigate this ancient knowledge and production. It conceives perfume not as a mere ephemeral product, but as a functional and essential tool, in a line of direct lineage with its illustrious origins.

    That is why Ganduer fragrances favour purity, by using non-allergenic and non-animal originated substances. Ganduer also recurs, first in its sector, to the musically assisted maceration: the one month long process is accompanied by the uninterrupted sound of one of the most ancient Tibetan mantras, which influences the composition of the perfume molecules.

    Stefano Soave has collaborated to the conceptual creation of the brand, and then took care of the brand design and the coordinated image.
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