Crazybaby Nano 1S

  • crazybaby 是一个由设计师和极客组成的软硬件团队。团队致力于设计、制造、和销售音频设备,品牌周边产品的设计和销售,以及提供与硬件设备相匹配的软件服务。
    Crazybaby is a hardware and software team made up of designers and geeks. The team is dedicated to the design, manufacture, and sale of audio equipment, the design and sale of branded peripheral products, and the provision of software services that match hardware equipment.

    Category - Photography & Retouching
    Term - 2019.03.13 - 2019.03.13.14
    Tools - 1DX Mark II & 24-70mm 2.8f
    Product - Crazybaby nano 1S
    Role -  Crazybaby
    Photography by Jc
  • Photography by Jc