NEXT2 | Automatic textile cutter for Morgan Tecnica

  • NEXT 2
    Morgan Tecnica - 2017
  • Morgan Tecnica is a ground-breaking company in the mechanical textile sector, manufacturer of advanced cutting systems nationally and internationally sold.

    For this enterprise we have redesigned the Next2 and PLY1 automatic cutting machines and, to date, we are working on the redesign of all the machines in the catalogue.

    With its geometric and angular side lines and a trapezoidal shape with rounded extremities at the front, we have redefined the visual impact of the machine, recalling the precision and speed of the cutting solution, in order to make it more welcoming and easy to use.
  • The use of the eco-leather along the front perimeter and of a perforated technical fabric in the central part helps to create a continuum between the operating space and the final product, between manual work and high technology, abolishing the neat demarcation that traditionally divides, in an industrial machine, the worker from his tool.
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