Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival Illustration

  • Rod Hunt was commissioned by Ink Global to illustrate 'Not Exactly Coachella", an article on Frozen Dead Guy Days festival for Norwegian Air's in flight magazine. Held annually each March, Frozen Dead Guy Days isn’t your average American festival. Inspired by a corpse in a shed, local icon ‘Grandpa’ Bredo Morstoel, an 89-year-old Norwegian émigré who’d been in the town since 1993. Bredo had died in the Oslo suburb of Baerum in 1989. Four years later, his frozen corpse had been brought to Nederland by his cryogenics-mad grandson, Trygve Bauge, and has been packed in dry ice in a shed above the town ever since. Now in its 18th year, the festival is a surreal, beer-fuelled bacchanal of coffin racing, frozen turkey bowling and brain freeze contests.