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    iQOO  is a new brand of mobile phone focus on gaming. the main idea of this brand is 'Monster Inside'
     —— it has beastly energy under its normal appearance. 

     what is inside the brand? It could be a monster, or a superhero, it might be a superb special effect or a story to save the world. I think it should be imaginative and unrestrained. So I wonder if it is possible to interpret this concept with different expressions.

  • So this time I invited 9 top artists and teams from around the world to design 9 different styles of animation for the iQOO logo.This is a very free and crazy creation. I hope that everyone will break the restraint and release the beast from the heart.

    Now Let's check it out!!


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    In this video, I used “pre-pass” of Global Illumination. As you might see while rendering out on 3DCG software, it is a preview of how particles of light reflect in a scene — it is nothing more than internal visualization of a renderer and rarely used to final visuals, though. Since the pre-pass itself looks very noisy, I composed it with other interesting passes such as material normal to create weird shading. I tried the same technique few years before.
    As for glitchy geometries on the background, I used Photogrammetry, which is a technology converting still images around some objects to 3D models. Because of algorithmic limitation, it often fails to re-construct a surface and produces many artifacts on a polygon.  As I personally love this kind of error, I tried to scan a lot of paper scraps on purpose to get nicer glitches then add some deformations on them.

    Director: Baku Hashimoto
    Music: DJ Exilevevo

  • iQOO × Haram Jung

    I mainly got an idea from the Japanese anime such as One punch man.
    I wanted to illustrate some huge energy or power spurt out from the inside. So I designed
    logo animation that interacts with an environment such as demolishing floor, rising debris,
    thunder, electricity effect, and flame.

    3D Artist, Giantstep

  • iQOO × masanobu hiraoka 平岡政展

    I made rough  animation and then clean up line, add color. The main idea is to make some attractive movement.and The idea came up as soon as I worked for it, but it is rather simple look than I thought first.

    Music: 食品まつりa.k.a foodman

  • iQOO × mixcode

    "Severe addiction" is the feeling we want to create.
    Through the magical exploration, tap the power and desire of deep dive and freely enter a world without end.

    【STORY】 Selina Tung / 童筱絜,CHIA-YU LIU/ 劉珈妤
    【ART】TUBO LEE / 李孟栩

  • iQOO × Nicolas girard


    Design&Animation by Nicolas Girard
    SoundDesign by 大囍

  • iQOO × Nidia Dias & Martin GunNarsson

    Inspired by the brand and its core philosophy, we took to the heart the idea of “motion inside” and literally had some monsters trying to escape the logo.
    On the animation side, it was a good test to try to combine very specific shapes with very fluid animation, we believe it worked very nicely as creatures were inspired by shapes we would get out of the simulations.

    Art Direction/Lighting and Texture - Nidia Dias (
    Technical Director/ Animation - Martin Gunnarsson (
    SoundDesign by 大囍

  • iQOO × seenvision

    When we received Somei's invitation to create, I learned that IQOO is a new mobile phone brand with a strong performance and positioning. In Brief's keyword association, it collects information about instability, explosiveness, and awakening. So we want to express this cool point in this short film through visual plot contrast, while still having fun. We hope that IQOO is just like the classic games, not only cool, but also interesting.

    Directed By : SeenVision
    Creative Director : 阿司匹琳
    Producer : Momo
    Storyboard : 阿司匹琳
    Character Design : 哲子
    Scene Design : 哲子,宝瑞
    Modeling / Lighting:小熊
    3D Animation :小熊,褚帧,老邢
    Cel Animation : 哲子,宝瑞,梦一
    After Effects Animation : 褚帧
    Composite : 小熊,褚帧
    Editor : 褚帧
    Music / Sound Effect : 大囍

  • iQOO × yambo studio

    The main idea of our creation is to execute the brief in a well animated piece that will celebrate the idea of colloboration.
    This time we choose to work with Hiraoka which is an amazing cell animatore. We provided him 3D guides and he did his magic on the 2D part.
    This combination of 2D and 3D animation, side to the very fast pace animation, is what we aimed for

    3D Artists: Yambo, Jonathan Lindgren
    Cell Animation: Hiraoka
    Sound Design: The Soundery

  • iQOO × 茶山有鹿
    We imagine iQOO as a secret weapon that allows players to transform. We try to use the tension of 2d animation to show the refreshing feeling of killing boss


    director:梁卓宏/Jo Leong
    creation:梁卓宏/Jo Leong, 孙世晟/Somei
    story board:梁卓宏/Jo Leong
    Character Design:汤宇飞/TB, 梁东方/Idolla, 梁卓宏/Jo Leong
    Motion board:梁卓宏/Jo Leong
    Main Animation:梁卓宏/Jo Leong, 陈文剑/Chen Wenjian, 刘锦健/Liu Jinjian
    coloration&clean:梁卓宏/Jo Leong, 汤宇飞/TB, 梁东方/Idolla, 曹乐炜/Cao Yuewei, 陈文剑/Chen Wenjian 刘锦健/Liu Jinjian, 孟繁茁/Meng Fanzhuo
    Composition:梁卓宏/Jo Leong
    Sound design:猫腿子/Catfeet

    Making Of

  • Credit

    Project Manager:MUTA

    Planning  : SOMEI DESIGN
    Creative Director :Somei Sun 孙世晟
    Sound Design : 大囍

    Thanks to all participating artists !!