Sychronos Asklipios (Contemporary Asclepius)

  • "Sychronos Asklipios" that means¬†Contemporary Asclepius
  • The Briefing: Sychronos Asklipios in a multi clinic that¬†operates in the healthcare field and has a history that dates back since early 90's, trusted us to create their new visual identity.

    The Design: The brand concept is moving around Asclepius's rod and the snake he uses to make medicines. We created a modern symbol of the snake, using the negative space to imply the rod on the vertical axis. Using an image of a marble tablet that has a sculpt of the snake as reference, we created an optical identity that uses grey rectangle shapes (marble) as background and the information pops out like an embossed sculpt.
    The high contrast on the colours and the big typography takes a key role in the project while it reflects the brands personality and essence.