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    The Artsmart Method

    Our friends at Artsmart Inc. developed a kit with several tools to improve the careers of art students and young artists, it consists of tips, hacks, recommendations, and situations in real life scenarios provided by gallerists, managers, and people with long experience in the art industry. For the launching campaign, they commissioned us to do an explainer video to help the sales of their product, as is an art-related product, we found the perfect excuse for using abstract and geometric forms in motion to represent the different concepts of their method. We liked the final results mostly because this particular client gave us creative freedom to our proposal since the beggining. Hope you like it too!

    Agency: Dose Studio
    Animation Concept: MEMOMA Estudio
    Direction - MEMOMA Estudio
    Art & Illustration - MEMOMA Estudio
    Animation - MEMOMA Estudio
    Audio: Dose Studio